Lil Jon - Crunk Rock

Lil Jon - Crunk Rock

1. Crunk Rock (Intro) 
2. Throw It Up Part 2 remix (feat. Pastor Troy & Waka Flocka Flame) 
3. Fall out (feat. Travis Porter) 
4. G Walk (feat. Soulja Boy Tell Em) 
5. On De Grind (feat. Steven & Julian Marley) 
6. What Is Crunk Rock? (Interlude) 
7. Killas (feat. The Game, Ice Cube, Elephant Man, & Whole Wheat Bread) 
8. Get In Get Out 
9. Pop That P***y (feat. Blazed) 
10. Outta Your Mind (feat. LMFAO) 
11. Ride Da D (feat. The Ying Yang Twins) 
12. Ms Chocolate (feat. R. Kelly & Mario) 
13. Like A Stripper (feat. Pleasure P & Shawty Putt) 
14. Moist (feat. Oobie)


This CD will be released on June 8!

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